From ‘ear’ to Disneyland:Mickey-shaped pumpkins


SPALDING farmer David Bowman has become the exclusive pumpkin grower for Disneyland Paris after creating the park’s first-ever crop of Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins.

They were on display at Disneyland Paris as part of the park’s Halloween Festival over the weekend.

Since May, Mr Bowman – Europe’s largest pumpkin grower with almost 3,000,000 units across 500 acres – has been working hard to ensure that the Mickey pumpkins grew perfectly.

He said: “I have grown many varieties in my time but this is a pumpkin first for me. We’ve had a few challenges because of the bad summer this year but we’ve grown a good Mickey crop.

“They’ve turned out well but because they are such an unusual shape, people think they’re fake!”

The distinctive Mickey Mouse silhouette was achieved using a specially-designed mould which was fitted to the pumpkins in the early stages of growth.

The pumpkins were even grown using a seed variety called Cinderella.