Framed: All our own work exhibited

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All the children at Pinchbeck East Primary School had the chance to find out how it feels to have your own work of art professionally framed in an exhibition.

Across the age groups they worked for several days with teachers honing skills in their chosen medium - it could be painting or collage - before letting loose with brushes, scissors and glue to produce their very best work.

The masterpieces were then framed by a firm which teamed up with the school to stage the Pinchbeck East Art Exhibition.

Parents and friends toured the exhibition to make their choices and were able to buy the children’s work , beautifully presented, and keep it for the future.

The children i n our photograph at the exhibition are, from left - Sam and Jake Carles, Kiera Hollis and Elisha Camm. Photo: (NIKKI GRIFFIN): SG070213-666NG. Order on