FOUNTAINS: Staggered this attraction never seems to operate

The Springfields fountains ANL-140718-154120001
The Springfields fountains ANL-140718-154120001
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I have visited Springfields many times recently to see the well publicised dancing fountains. Each time I’ve been, there has been a sign saying they are not running due to “prevailing weather conditions”.

This morning I visited as I was sure that there couldn’t be any “prevailing weather” today

(hot, clear blue sky, no wind). Again the sign (photo attached) was by the

fountains. I have emailed Springfields regarding this and been told that the

prevailing weather conditions today were that the water temperature is too high and health and safety means that they can’t run!

I really do find it staggering that one of the prime tourist attractions in Spalding appears to be unable to operate in any weather. I’m also staggered that the water in the gardens at Springfields can have got to such a temperature that it could scald somebody – after all, the ducks don’t seem

to mind!

Paul Weston

via email