Forget K9 – it’s ‘Dr Who’ and Pierre

Dr Who dress-a-like Jonathan Kelly with rescued cat Edge.
Dr Who dress-a-like Jonathan Kelly with rescued cat Edge.
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A cat that travelled halfway across the world from Canada only to end up with a Long Sutton rescue charity when his owners split is enjoying a new time and space, thanks to a Dr Who dress-a-like.

Jonathan Kelly (31) was dressed as the BBC time traveller at the town’s Christmas festival when he wandered into the PJ Cat Rescue charity shop and saw the ginger cat - one of a pair named Pierre and One-eyed Jacques after folklore heroes who ran guns from the French to American rebels fighting for independence.

He said: “I’d been looking for a cat since mine was run over in August last year and I thought that he looked a nice one.

“Even though I was dressed as Dr Who, he wasn’t scared. In fact, he’s super friendly and jumps on your shoulder and tries to hug you.”

Pierre, or Edge as he is now called, moved into Jonathan’s home in Broadgate, Weston Hills, two weeks ago.

Taking Jonathan’s unusual hobby in his stride, Edge is unlikely to join his new owner in a “Dr Who” appearance.

Jonathan, who attends charity events with fellow fan Colin Spendelow, said: “He’s not much of a fighter. I can’t imagine he would be any good against any of Dr Who’s enemies. But maybe the tardis needs a cat – after all it used to have K9 the robotic dog.”

There is also good news about One-eyed Jacques – the black cat that came from Canada with Pierre has also been found a new home.

Phillip Newhouse, a volunteer at PJ Cat Rescue, said: “The cats are terrific characters and we knew they would make great pets. But we still have 100 on our books if anyone wants one.”

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