Fly Swat team great success

editorial image

This massive mound of recycled material represents the amount of rubbish so far removed by the Fly Swat team which operates in South Holland and Boston.

The team has collected more than 320 tonnes of dumped rubbish from fly-tip sites – equivalent to a pile like this, amassed at this refuse-handling depot.

Since November 2011 the Fly Swat team from HM Prison North Sea Camp has recovered rubbish from 1,657 sites in South Holland and Boston.

It has included 4,745 bags of domestic rubbish, 2,029 items of other household waste, 1,108 amounts of garden waste, 1,070 tyres, 367 electrical items, 208 amounts of construction waste, 160 oil drums, 129 mattresses, 99 televisions, 85 white goods and 141 lots of commercial waste.

In South Holland, from October until March, the district council identified 246 fly-tips for clearance – an average of 41 per month. There has been one incident of dumped asbestos, which was dealt with by a specialist contractor, and there have been no reports of discarded clinical waste.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, Portfolio Holder for Waste Management, said: “Fly Swat has been a great success for South Holland and has allowed our street cleansing team to respond more quickly to other problem areas.

“We continue to ask the public to help us to catch these criminals, by recording as much information as possible about those seen fly-tipping and passing this on to the district council as soon as possible.”

The scheme now encompasses a huge area from north of Boston down to Crowland, and from Sutton Bridge to west of Spalding.