Fleet resident reported to police on Christmas Day for using grit bin

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A MAN that a councillor suspected was stealing road salt for use at his home was reported to police – on Christmas Day.

Chris Brandon, of Charles Road, was taking grit out of the bin on the corner of Eastgate on Christmas Day when a car pulled up and a man he later identified as South Holland District Council vice-chairman Mick Seymour (pictured) challenged him on his actions.

Mr Brandon said he was accused of stealing the salt and, although he explained the grit was for the public footpath outside his home, the pair argued.

Mr Brandon was reported to police who visited him on Boxing Day morning.

Mr Brandon said he wanted to use the grit to make the path between his home and the road safe for visiting relatives – particularly his parents who are in their 80s.

Police have confirmed to the Spalding Guardian that they did speak to Mr Brandon but have decided to take no further action after being satisfied that he was not commiting an offence.

Mr Brandon said the spat soured his Christmas Day.

He said: “I was mad all day – it really upset Christmas. I just don’t like being called a thief.

“I just thought I was doing the decent thing with my family coming over. What’s the bin for if you can’t use it for that?”

He said he bought a bag of salt for his home and ran out after using that around his house and commented that the sub-zero temperatures made the roads in Fleet dangerous.

Mr Brandon said: “It has been really bad. They don’t grit down here at all – Eastgate and Hocklesgate get done because they are on the school run but not our road.”

Coun Seymour refused to comment on the incident.