Final line-up of Spalding Flower Queen hopefuls

Lincolnshire Free Press office, Spalding'Relaunch party'Names: Flower Queen Amy Harrison
Lincolnshire Free Press office, Spalding'Relaunch party'Names: Flower Queen Amy Harrison
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The final six Spalding Flower Queen hopefuls have now claimed their spot in the competition.

On Thursday, all 12 will be heading to Tulip Radio for preliminary interviews before five lucky girls are chosen to be finalists.

All have the same dream – to wear the flower queen crown atop a magnificent floral float in the very last Spalding Flower Parade on Saturday, May 4.

The last six are Jessica Burton, Lucy Hurst, Florence Butters, Steph Morley, Leanne Peacock and Heather Turner.

Jessica (22), of Quadring, would be quite at home among the flowers on the float because she helps out at a plant nursery owned by boyfriend Henry Bingham – when she is not working in the Nike store at Springfields.

His mum, Sue, was Flower Queen in 1971 and she and Henry entered her as a surprise.

Jessica said: “I was really pleased, though, because I grew up on a nursery and love flowers. I’d really be at home on the float.”

Lucy (17), of Holbeach, still remembers dancing in the parade with other children from the local primary school.

The sixth form health and social care student at University Academy Holbeach was also surprised when she found out she had been entered by her nan, Maureen Orwell.

She said: “It made me laugh but I was really happy. I’ve always wanted to be flower queen when I was old enough.”

Florence (19), of Spalding, is usually helping her customers at the Coop Travel shop in Market Deeping dream of faraway places but she’ll want their eyes fixed firmly on home ground if she gets to wear the crown.

As a student at Sir John Gleed School, she was a dancer in the parade when she was about 13.

She said: “The float we always waited for was the one with the flower queen and prince and princesses in. I always wished I could do that.”

Steph (20), of Spalding, remembers having a bird’s eye view of the parade when she lived on Pinchbeck Road.

Now juggling two jobs at a care home in Bourne and the Card Factory in Spalding, she says she would certainly find time for her ‘royal’ duties.

She said: “I love meeting people and it would be a great way to build my confidence.”

Leanne (18) says will never forget the years she was on the Bakkavor float and again as little girl in the parade.

Currently at Riverside Training studying childcare, she thinks it’s a shame it will be the last parade.

She said: “Being flower queen would be something amazing to tell my grandchildren because they will never see it.”

For Heather (17), of Spalding, the flower parade has always been a special time.

The health and social care student at South Holland Post-16 Centre has been a dancer in the parade and was once on the St John the Baptist Church float.

She said: “It was always an exciting time when our family came together and people travelled from all over the country.

“To be part of it would be amazing.”

The winner will be crowned at Ayscoughfee Hall on Friday, March 15.