Film review - World War Z (15)

Film review: World War Z (15).
Film review: World War Z (15).
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In a summer crammed full of sequels and remakes, this is one movie that deserves plaudits for offering something different.

Brad Pitt and a zombie film may not seem like your usual fit, but this big-budget blockbuster is probably more akin to the scale of Will Smith’s I Am Legend.

And for the most part it does a pretty decent job, despite never really catching fire at any point, as it juggles between being part apocalyptic thriller, part zombie flick.

That’s because a sole ‘18’ or ‘R-Rated’ gory zombie horror simply wouldn’t cut it as a summer blockbuster – let alone star Pitt – hence why it has opened to an impressive $65million plus Stateside on its opening weekend.

The story is based around Pitt’s former United Nations employee Gerry Lane, who – after escaping the initial New York outbreak with his British wife Karin (Mireille Enos) and two daughters – goes from America to South Korea, and Israel to erm, Wales, to try and find a cure to this infectious pandemic that turns people into the ravenous undead.

And they’re not the slow-moving Romero-type, but the fast-moving 28 Days Later-esque version – with chattering-teeth ready to tear into the nearest available piece of flesh – and they’re causing serious havoc in cities across the globe.

Its final third leads to a pretty low-key ending as the movie never really gets out of a solidly economical third gear with Pitt doing a noteworthy job with a relatively unknown cast.

It won’t win any awards, but World War Zzzzz it definitely isn’t – and it is undoubtedly one of the better (and freshest) summer blockbuster entries so far.