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Lone Survivor.
Lone Survivor.
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Gavin Miller previews two movies due out soon


Mark Wahlberg headlines this “based on a true story” US number one box-office smash as a part of a Navy SEALs team on an ill-fated 2005 mission to neutralise a high-level Taliban operative in deepest Afghanistan.

He is joined by some of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Emile Hirsch (The Girl Next Door) and Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma) – along with Hulk star Eric Bana – as the unit is ambushed and left to fight for their lives alone with absolutely no outside support.

As the title suggests, it sadly doesn’t end up well, in this movie from Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom director Peter Berg.


This is cut from the same cloth that made the Underworld series – starring The Dark Knight’s Aaron Eckhart in the lead role.

He stars as Frankenstein’s creature Adam – who finds himself caught in an ancient war between two immortal clans – in this supernatural action fantasy, which co-stars Bill Nighy.