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Film preview: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.
Film preview: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.
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Gavin Miller gives us a preview of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (15) and The Lone Ranger (12A)

North Norfolk’s most famous TV/DJ celebrity provides a film which he is calling his love letter to Norwich as Steve Coogan’s insecure character still clambers for the limelight.

This time the man who famously had a nervous breakdown after driving barefoot to Dundee looks to salvage his public career after a violent turn of events at his local radio station.

Fingers crossed on this one, as the original Alan Partridge material provided some of the greatest tear-inducing moments in British comedy history.

FILM PREVIEW: The Lone Ranger (12A)

It’s time for us Brits to make up our mind on how much of a flop Johnny Depp’s big summer blockbuster actually is.

He stars as Tonto in Disney’s big-budget misfire, with little-known Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the legendary eye-masked lawmaker, in this western-adventure from The Pirates of the Caribbean team.

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