Fighting is fun and boosts your fitness

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Fights are always breaking out on Monday nights at the Curlew Centre in Sutton Bridge – but no one gets hurt.

That’s because it’s non-contact fighting led by Pro Martial Arts Schools’ kickboxing instructors Aaron Farr and Ben Merson, who coach young and old to help them boost their fitness with safe, friendly and effective martial arts tuition.

FIGHT FACES: Old school friends and kickboxing instructors Ben Merson (left) and Aaron Farr.

FIGHT FACES: Old school friends and kickboxing instructors Ben Merson (left) and Aaron Farr.

Aaron and Ben, both aged 24, live in Sutton Bridge and have known one another since they were four-year-olds at Westmere Primary School.

They went to the same secondary school – and also work together making roof trusses at Walker Nene in Wisbech.

Aaron and Ben are second dan, black belts in the sport and launched the club in Sutton Bridge a little over a year ago because “there isn’t a massive amount” for people to do.

To their surprise, numbers attending the village club are around 35 – the same as their club at Lynnsport and Leisure Park, in King’s Lynn, which has a much bigger catchment area.

Classes at Sutton Bridge are split for juniors (seven to 12 years) and adults (13-50 years) and participants work out to music at a pace that’s suitable for them.

Aaron said: “Kickboxing teaches people discipline and self-control, because it is a martial art, and it’s a really good form of exercise.

“People who come to the club almost exercise without knowing it – they use parts of their body they wouldn’t normally use and it’s good fun for them.

“Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and other problems like that, all really enjoy it because it gives them an outlet for all that build up of energy.”

As well as fitness, all-round benefits include stress-busting, improved muscle tone and boosted confidence.

Aaron said: “A surprising number of people haven’t got a lot of confidence – I know it helped with my confidence.”

A couple of students from Sutton Bridge picked up gold and silver medals in the Pro Martial Arts Schools’ championships, but Aaron says people only enter competitions if that’s what they want to do.

He got into kickboxing almost by accident five years ago.

Aaron said: “It was between boxing and kickboxing – I decided I wanted to do a sport or a martial art – and the kickboxing fell on a more convenient night.” 
To join the club call 07882 581347 or 07912 790988.