Fears for safety after rider’s ‘close shaves’

Katherine Collins (14) with horse Gem.
Katherine Collins (14) with horse Gem.
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A YOUNG horserider is urging “maniac” drivers to be more considerate after a number of “close shaves” on rural roads.

Katherine Collins, from Bourne, is hoping to raise awareness of the problems riders face when out hacking.

She is also calling on Lincolnshire County Council to put up more signs warning motorists that there could be horses using the roads.

The 14-year-old Bourne Academy pupil and her family own three horses which they keep in Moneybridge Lane, West Pinchbeck.

She said: “These days there are more manic drivers than ever who think they can go tremendously fast down country roads.

“But my main concern is that there are not enough signs and this is putting horse and riders’ lives at risk.

“It is common courtesy for drivers to slow down when approaching horses on the road. Horses are flight animals and if they get spooked they run away from what is scaring them and this can be really dangerous on the road.”

Katherine’s dad Simon said: “I ride too and we have both had our share of close shaves where the horses have reared up.

Fortunately we have always managed to stay on so far, but it could be really nasty if there was a car coming in the opposite direction.

“If either of us was thrown off, it could be really nasty. You just don’t know what the consequences could be.

“We often ride along the riverbank and the cars just keep on helling along. A lot just don’t slow down.”

Katherine is now pleading for drivers to look out for horses on the roads and coming out of junctions, saying: “We, as riders, would not thank you very much if we or our horses got badly hurt.”