Fault leaves train crossing barriers in upright posistion

Hawthorn Bank level crossing, Spalding
Hawthorn Bank level crossing, Spalding
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Barriers on two Network Rail level crossings in Spalding failed last week following a technical fault.

Flashing lights were used to warn motorists and pedestrians of approaching trains at the crossings on Hawthorn Bank and in London Road.

Engineers were called during the morning rush hour at 8.30am on Thursday and had rectified the problem by 12.30pm.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “A fail-safe mechanism on the barriers allowed them to remain in the upright position and flashing lights were used to warn of approaching trains.

“In these circumstances, trains are run at a slower speed approaching crossings and only allowed through when safe.”

Park Road was closed from 5.30pm while engineers worked through the night on the Peterborough to Doncaster line.

This is part of the £280 million essential renewals to the track that runs via Spalding, Sleaford and Lincoln.

The work is expected to continue until 2014, but Network Rail says it will announce any further road closures that may affect Spalding residents.

In other parts of the region, there were a number of rail-linked incidents over the past week.

A 14-year-old boy died after being hit by a train travelling from Sleaford to Leicester near a foot crossing in Lincoln at 8.51am on Thursday.

On Wednesday, a four-year-old girl died in hospital after a crash involving a car and train at a level crossing. Emma Lifsey, of Haxey, was airlifted to Sheffield children’s hospital after Tuesday’s collision on a country lane near Misson, Nottinghamshire.

Scott Dobson, a 26-year-old rail worker, was hit by a train half a mile from Saxilby station, also on Tuesday, and the body of 51-year-old Robert Roy Poole, of Bingham, who had been hit by a train, was found in Grantham last Monday.

Police said Mr Poole’s death was not suspicious.