Eyesore home gets a council clear-up

The Gedney home after its spruce-up
The Gedney home after its spruce-up

COUNCIL housing bosses prompted a clear-up at an eyesore Gedney home infested with mice.

People living in Albert Avenue complained to South Holland District Council about an empty home in the street, where rubbish including old mattresses and televisions had been dumped in the garden.

They said the unsightly home, which also had overgrown hedges, affected the appearance of the whole street and was infected with mice, making their lives a misery.

As a result South Holland District Council contacted the mortgage company which owned the property and negotiations took place to clear the waste and get the house on the market for new owners and a fresh start.

The work was carried out as part of the Lincolnshire Empty Homes Project, which aims to bring long-term empty properties back into use.

A council spokesman said: “Vacant housing is a priority of the council, particularly in a time of housing need. The council has a range of measures to support owners in bringing homes back into use.

“The council can assist people with selling or letting a home as well as providing a loan for renovation.”

In January we featured fed-up neighbours Mary and Frank Kerkhof, who said their home suffered from mice because of the mess.

They had put their grandchildren’s chocolate Christmas presents in their loft, which had been nibbled by the mice living next door.

Mrs Kerkhof said: “It is a nice place to live but when you get something like that it is not so good.

“It is much better now – they have done a really good job of clearing it up.”

The Lincolnshire Free Press understands that the property, which was thought to have been empty for three years, has now been sold on.

For more information about the empty homes project call the council’s Community Housing department on 01775 761161 or visit www.lincsemptyhomes.org.uk