Experts called in to clear dumped asbestos

Coun Anthony Casson with the dumped asbestos guttering and piping. Photo: SG120913-22NG
Coun Anthony Casson with the dumped asbestos guttering and piping. Photo: SG120913-22NG

A team of professionals had to be calleed in after asbestos piping and guttering was dumped on a village roadside.

Taxpayers will end up footing a £450 bill for the latest fly-tipping incident to plague the Weston and Weston Hills.

Ward councillor Anthony Casson says he is extremely fed-up with constantly being called to deal with another incident where people have bothered to load rubbish into their car or van but then dumped it in the countryside instead of taking it to the tip.

Fly-tipping of asbestos takes the problem to a new level as it has been specially disposed of by experts.

He said: “It could be that someone has been ripping down guttering or it could be that they have hired an unscrupulous builder to do the work and they have dumped it rather than paying to have it disposed of correctly.

“In that case, people need to be aware that if they hire a builder it remains their responsibility to ensure any asbestos is disposed of properly.

“When asbestos is dumped, we as a council cannot just go along and clear it up.

“There are different types of asbestos and I am no expert, so when some is found you need an expert.

“So we need to call in a team of professionals who know how to handle it, and it can’t just be taken to the tip.

“That is not cheap and that effectively is paid for by the taxpayers of South Holland.”

Mr Casson said he believed the asbestos was dumped last Monday night and he was expecting it to be cleared away on Friday.

But he said: “Barely a week goes by without us reporting another incident of fly-tipping and I have got to say I am tired of it, especially when there’s an excellent facility at the Household Waste Recycling Centre in West Marsh Road.”

A spokesman for the district council said asbestos must go to a hazardous landfill site to be disposed of due to its nature and collected by a specially trained and licenced removal team.