Evoking the exotic

This palms wallpaper mural is from �79 from Digetexhome. PA Photo/Handout.
This palms wallpaper mural is from �79 from Digetexhome. PA Photo/Handout.
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Holidays abroad are a treat, if you’re lucky enough to have one, but most of us come home feeling they’re over too quickly.

But there’s a way to prolong that feelgood factor – by conjuring up those getaway settings in your home, taking inspiration from the locations you love or those you dream of visiting.

Global influences have made their mark on the home collections of high street stores this year, so you won’t have to go far to find the vital vacation ingredients.

An ‘East meets West’ trend is strong in the autumn/winter collections and this look is appealing with its rich colours and delicate details.

Simple mats, screens to hide clutter, a selection of fans displayed on a wall, or a careful arrangement of accessories featuring delicate cherry blossom will set the scene.

Earthy colours, patterned tiles, piles of cushions and layered rugs add up to an urban Bedouin experience inspired by Morocco.

Striped rugs for a floor or hung on a wall, embroidered cushions, collections of glass in jewel-bright shades, small metal tea tables and punched metal-patterned lanterns in metallic finishes will combine to create souk chic.

Exotic foliage and deep green shades will make you feel you are in your own tropical sanctuary.

Potted palms, faux or real, rugs made from natural fibres such as hemp or seagrass, and eastern-style ornaments or Buddha heads are essentials. Spell out the name of your favourite place in letters.