‘Europe is costing us,’ claims Fairman

Coun Richard Fairman of UKIP.
Coun Richard Fairman of UKIP.
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South Holland and the rest of the UK would be better off outside the European Union (EU), according to one of the area’s county councillors.

Claims by Spalding East and Moulton county councillor Richard Fairman of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) that it costs the UK £55 million a day to be an EU member were in response to the views of East Midlands MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Bill Newton-Dunn.

During an interview published in last week’s Guardian, Mr Newton-Dunn said today’s EU elections were a “very stark choice” between having “jobs, trade and influence” or being ignored by the rest of Europe.

But Coun Fairman said: “All the decisions of the EU are made by the Commissariat similar to that found in the old Soviet Union.

“The European Parliament is just a talking shop with lots of people who just fill it.

“It costs us a fortune to be in Europe, £55 million a day which is something like £400 a year on the average family’s grocery bill.

“The only people who will lose their jobs if the UK leaves the EU are the pen-pushers and bean-counters who handicap our trade with the rest of the world.”

Coun Fairman said his support for the UK coming out of the EU started more than 40 years when former MPs Enoch Powell and Tony Benn campaigned against entry into the European Economic Community in 1973, despite them being at “opposite ends of the political spectrum”.

“A lot of European influence is contrary to this country and I believe the EU can do nothing for us that we can’t do better on our own.

“What convinced me was that Tony Benn and Enoch Powell were saying the same thing, but from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

“The elections today are very important and people should go out to vote because they have a duty to say what they think.”