Warning to south Lincolnshire farmers

Phil Ingleby.
Phil Ingleby.
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With autumn work in full swing it is an ideal time for thieves to have their own ‘harvest’.

There is often a necessity to leave farm vehicles, especially 4x4s, at the side of the road while working.

We have recently been contacted by the local police as they are concerned over the number that have been stolen in recent weeks.

There is often a temptation to lock the vehicle and leave the keys in a ‘secret location’ on or around the vehicle.

Sadly, most of these ‘secret’ places are blindingly obvious to criminals, and this has been borne out in the number of vehicles going missing of late!

Similarly, don’t be tempted to leave the keys in the vehicle, even for a moment or two, while you do something else.

‘They’ are watching and they will take it right from under your nose if you give them the slightest opportunity.

Also be mindful that while carrying out field work this can leave the main yard at risk. Please be vigilant at this busy time.

Community Policing Inspector for South Holland Jim Tyner has statistics for the number of 4x4s stolen in the area since September 17.

He says there have been a total of five stolen, the latest reported theft on October 8, an unusually high number when compared to the average. He said: “Most of those were insecure with the keys left with them.”