Sutton St Edmund farmer speaks out on rural poverty

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After what has been a very wet and cold year it is not too surprising that a great many fields still look very poor.

On our heavy, low lying soil a wet time is never very good, but this year will be the worst I can remember, with all crops suffering.

Farming heavy combinable crop land is becoming increasingly difficult. Costs are rising dramatically, especially fuel and machinery.

Crop prices are reasonable at the moment, but our production both last harvest and the coming harvest will be very low.

Many traditional farmers who rely on the land for their sole income will not be covering their costs.

The rural areas are becoming poorer and poorer. We need strong thriving businesses to provide jobs and investment for the rural areas.

We need to make the most of any new opportunities for income, using all our natural resources, technology and pulling together as a community.

This will provide sustainable work and much needed income for the rural areas.

By looking to the future and working together we will make this industry something young people will want to get involved in and give them enjoyable and fulfilling careers.

Rural areas must change with the times and keep up with technology or we will all continue to get poorer and poorer.