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Steve Barber.
Steve Barber.
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NFU South Holland branch Group Secretary Steve Barber writes on local issues.

As you read this there will be less than a week remaining for farmers and growers to submit their Basic Payment Scheme application. The deadline for applications is midnight on June 15. Unlike HMRC, who are relaxing the penalties for late submission, RPA will not be so understanding.

I do not wish to tempt fate but there is finally a sense that summer is arriving as we approach the longest day of the year. But if we complain about a cold May, we should spare a thought for those who follow a similar occupation across the globe, in much more exacting conditions. Hardly a week passes when we do not hear of another natural disaster that has befallen a part of the world to devastating effect, often when farmers are already living at subsistence levels, without the safety net of a Basic Payment Scheme.

Locally we have had an excellent year of support for the organisation. We have only a handful of late subscriptions to collect and membership has grown in terms of both numbers and subscriptions. A big thankyou to all farmers and growers who continue to support the NFU, ensuring we remain the primary organisation to represent the industry and one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the country.

Please remember our Branch Farm Walk on June 29 (6pm) at Proctor Brothers, Lighthouse Farm, Sutton Bridge. Please contact Frances on 01775 765587 or email