Sign NFU’s charter to back British growers

Sign the NFU's Back British Farming charter.
Sign the NFU's Back British Farming charter.
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The NFU is calling on people to sign its Back British Farming charter to safeguard future food supplies.

According to the farming organisation, the population of Great Britain is growing rapidly, with the country experiencing the biggest baby boom in 40 years.

The NFU says: “British food supplies would run out on August 14 if all the food produced in Britain in a year was stored and eaten from January 1 onwards.

“But our farmers are determined to reverse this trend and produce enough food for the needs of generations to come, but we need politicians, supermarkets, retailers, food processors, restaurants and cafes to play their part to let them do their job.

“The NFU has created a charter calling for a commitment to put British farming at the heart of the challenge of feeding us all in future – and we need your support.”

The charter – which calls on the government and everyone in the food chain to support British farmers – can be seen at