Shortcut to drainage bank will be back when homes are complete

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Residents living opposite a housing development in Spalding have been assured they will again be able to access a popular bank once construction is completed.

Ann Matthews (74) lives in Farthingales and says for 20 years she has cut across an open stretch of land opposite her home to stroll along the drainage bank.

The pensioner contacted us because Broadgate Homes, who now own the former farmland, had fenced it off, stopping access to the public.

She said: “It’s been like this for six weeks and as far as I can see nothing is happening. I realise it will be built on and I accept that but I don’t understand why we can’t use it until then like we always have.

“I’m 74 and it’s a long walk round for me before I get to the bank.”

Ian Canhan, the chief executive of Broadgate Homes, said he sympathised with anyone who may have used the land, part of The Triangle development, in this way in the past.

Mr Canhan said: “Although it may not be obvious, development has started and I have a duty to protect the public from hurting themselves where foundations are being laid and there might be holes or electricity cables.

“I can see how it can be frustrating for people, but this was never a public right of way.

“However, when the development is finished there will be roads and pathways through to the bank, as well as open spaces and viewing platforms for the disabled.”