Robo tractors for farms in future

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Robots will be doing a large part of farming by the middle of the century, according to the chief executive of the Royal Agricultural Society, David Gardner.

Agricultural experts point out that robots are already milking cows and predict there will be driverless tractors in UK fields by 2014.

Mr Gardner says that within 20 to 40 years robots will be able to cultivate land, deal with weeds and pick fruit and vegetables.

Driverless tractors are already being developed which would mean within the next couple of years farmers would control two tractors from one cab, particularly useful in the large, flat fields of south Lincolnshire.

These new tractors use technology developed in the military that use GPS to determine their location and sensors to detect humans or other life in the way of the machine.

Mr Gardner said: “Robots will replace jobs that are quite dull and repetitive and will be doing some, if not all of the work by the middle of the century.”