Road repairs under fire

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The county council has come under fire for making a child-like “bodge” of pothole repairs in Sutton Bridge.

Parish councillor Vicky Hills said: “I think we need to write to the county council. The standard of the work is almost like children putting some Plasticene into the holes.

“What they need to be doing is cutting them out, filling them in and doing a proper job – not bodge it and scarper.”

But Coun Michael Booth said the weather hasn’t been right until now.

He said: “You can’t do tarmac when the holes fill with water.”

Coun Booth said county highways often fill potholes more than once.

But Coun Hills said: “It’s a false economy if they don’t do it properly first time round and they have to come back and back.”

The parish council agreed to write to Lincolnshire County Council to ask it to make proper repairs.

County highways says it has an emergency repair team which aims to patch “dangerous potholes” within 24 hours and those are then scheduled for permanent repairs.

Lincolnshire County Council head of highways Satish Shah said: “I can understand the frustrations of the parish council around the pothole repairs. We do carry out thousands of permanent pothole repairs each year, and use the resources that we have available in the best possible way.

“We invest over £50million per year in road maintenance and have received additional Government grant of £6.5million to spend over the next two years. This extra money will enable us to invest more in preventative treatments, which will help to prevent the formation of potholes in the first place as well as increasing the number of first time, permanent pothole repairs.”