Pinchbeck grower makes plea for return to simple business dealings

Sue Lamb.
Sue Lamb.

Did anyone watch the Panorama programme that highlighted some of Tesco’s problems and how the store approached some of their suppliers for payments/kickback to secure their business?

We are not Tesco suppliers and this is not in their defence, but why people are surprised by their conduct I’m not sure. Tesco is in the limelight, but these practices have been going on for years, and not just with the multiples. Our government is run this way. We have all read about military, medical or education contracts being signed for sweetners. We read about out-of-town stores being built and to get planning permission new medical centres have to be constructed, or a new school has to be built and even run in order to get permission for a new housing estate. All these costs have to be filtered in so two per cent of your new house may be the contribution to the school.

We have been lured to believe this is how we like to do business: when we go shopping we frequently receive loyalty points or cash back. Price matching is only part of it. They are buying your business, just like Tesco and the like are asking suppliers to pay for their business.

What has happened to the simple deal? I am old fashioned. I like to feel the warmth of the hand shake, see the colour of the person’s eyes I am doing business with, and not feel someone has lifted the purse from my pocket while it’s being done. Can we ever go back to this?