Pinchbeck flower grower in praise of supermarkets

Pinchbeck flower grower Sue Lamb.
Pinchbeck flower grower Sue Lamb.

What a difference a few years make. At times we complain bitterly about the supermarkets but it is because of them and their ability to maintain footfall through the doors that we continue with a high level of flower sales even when temperatures are in excess of 800C.

Years ago, when we were all loading the markets in weather like we have been experiencing this last few weeks, it would have been the kiss of death for most of us, but orders have remained strong.

It goes to show how buying habits have changed and many regard flowers as a must when making their weekly shop.

Fortunately, most supermarkets are very proactive in driving the sales of British grown product and Lincolnshire produces first-class produce, both outside and under glass.

It is a fact that little more than 5 per cent of all flowers sold are grown in the UK but we do compete with countries with much cheaper land and labour costs and normally much warmer climates, but that certainly is not the case of late.

Although the heat has at times put us under pressure I find it encouraging that shoppers turn to flowers in hot weather, particularly during school holidays when parents are under pressure to buy ice lollies and cold drinks.

I continue to believe flowers remain a very cheap ‘feel good’ purchase so thank you to all you regular buyers!