New homes would invade mum’s privacy

PARISH councillors are opposed to a plan for two three-bed homes at a former chapel in Bridge Street, Sutton Bridge, because it’s too much for one site – and would invade the privacy of existing residents.

Karen Bostock said her disabled mum, who suffers from the respiratory condition COPD, would no longer have the privacy she requires and the housing development would cut light from her bungalow.

Speaking at the council’s open forum, Ms Bostock said she also felt the development would make her mum’s condition worse.

The application for the site at 132 Bridge Road was submitted by S B and S E King.

Parish council chairman Coun John Grimwood said: “I have looked at it and its definitely over development.”

And Coun Jenny Rowe told the meeting: “I know South Holland are not happy to do site visits but I think, in this instance, they should.”

Coun Vicky Hills said Ms Bostock’s mum was on oxygen 24/7 and the houses would look right into their living quarters.

She said: “They are going to have absolutely no privacy.”

The parish council will recommend refusal but the final say rests with South Holland District Council.