Moulton Chapel Lincoln Red breeder

Tommy Charlton and one of his Lincoln Reds, now sold, Nellie.
Tommy Charlton and one of his Lincoln Reds, now sold, Nellie.
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Getting prizes for his Lincoln Reds is the icing on the cake for fourth generation farmer Tommy Charlton.

Tommy, of Moulton Chapel, says his fellow breeders “are a very nice crowd” and that getting good results at shows is “a big bonus”.

He has kept cattle all his life, and missed them when it was decided they would concentrate instead on the arable side of the farm.

The initial three animals bought from a cousin has increased to 20 animals all together, kept at Moulton Chapel and on land rented nearby.

The herd includes little bull calf Tommy, who received a reserve in the special prize for a bull calf at the Lincolnshire Show.

Tommy says Tommy – all this year’s calves’ names begin with a ‘T’, and there’s also a Topsy, Turvy and Trixie – is “as friendly as anything and will go to anybody”.

Salome got first prize in the best presented heifer and there were second and fourth prizes in two other classes.

Tommy said: “I was very pleased after the show. I went to Woodhall Show and got a first with a cow and young calf and then Rutland and got one or two prizes. It’s the best year I have ever had. Next I go to the Great Yorkshire Show.”

Tommy is semi-retired, but still in partnership with sons Thomas Henry and Antony William who now look after the family farm.

There they grow sugar beet, potatoes, daffodil bulbs, winter wheat, barley, oil seed rape and peas in some years.

Tommy said: “The Lincoln Reds keep me busy and I enjoy it. I am up at 5.30 every morning, feeding them and I still do the farm accounts.

“My wife Ruth likes chickens so we have six or seven chickens to be fed, though my wife mainly looks after them, and I let them out in the morning.”

Naturally, all the chickens have names too!