More rigorous testing of neonicotinoids required, says Low Fulney expert

Mike Harrison.
Mike Harrison.
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A local man with 44 years’ experience in the pesticides and agricultural industries has weighed in on the neonicotinoids debate.

Neonicotinoids, active in soil for more than seven months, have been banned because of research showing their harmful effect on bees.

This has led to fears that farmers might need to use an alternative insecticide more often, with the potential of causing just as much harm.

However, Mike Harrison, of Low Fulney, says: “As the knowledge of these compounds is not fully evaluated, more information needs to be gained to ensure their continued use or withdrawal.

“A temporary ban would seem to be the most sensible option, but it may take a considerable amount of time to discover if they affect bees and at what dose level.

“It is not opinion that is needed here. It is more rigorous testing as the knowledge regarding their activity is very limited.”