It’s now or never – please stand up and be counted

Community leaders in Sutton Bridge are urging residents to stand up and be counted in a ‘referendum’ on a planned £300million, wood-fuelled biomass power station.

Opponents fear the gasifier will release dangerous pollutants, pose a risk of fires and explosions close to one or possibly two gas-fired power stations – and lead to congested roads and further air pollution with HGVs going to and from the plant every five minutes.

A parish poll open to all adults in Sutton Bridge and Wingland takes place from 4pm to 9pm on Wednesday, August 20 at The Curlew Centre in Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge.

It asks if the EnergyPark Sutton Bridge biomass power station should be decided at a public inquiry, together with EDF’s plan for a second gas-fired power station on the banks of the River Nene, and campaigners want to see a massive “yes” vote.

Parish council chairman John Grimwood said: “It’s now up to all of the people in the village to stand up and be counted.”

Staunch opponent Jenny Rowe said: “You have only got to look at the gasifier in Dumfries – the Scottish environment agency say it’s their dirtiest polluter – and all of the fires and explosions at these biomass plants.

“The fires burn for days and days.

“There’s an underground gas pipeline to the existing power station and there will be another if the new one is built.”