Help clean up your grot spots by joining Litter Blitz

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Residents in South Holland who are fed-up of seeing streets paved with beer cans and empty food containers are being invited to grab a black back and join the Litter Blitz.

Already 40 people have volunteered to join litter picks across the district, aimed at making people proud of the area they live in.

In addition, South Holland District Council is also launching a Litter Warden scheme, where residents can pledge to litter pick areas of their choice.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, portfolio holder for waste management, said collecting rubbish in South Holland was a mammoth task for the council.

He said: “There are 460 bins across the district which are emptied each morning and we only have 10 guys covering this.

“It’s not surprising we need help from the community.

“Hopefully, when the culprits see volunteers picking up litter they will think twice about doing it – rubbish always seem to attract rubbish.”

For several years Spalding has had its own clean-up crusader, Sandra White.

Sandra has been seen out as early as 5am collecting rubbish and in 2009 launched her own campaign to clean up the town, resulting in 1,182 bags of rubbish being collected.

So far 20 people have shown an interest in sharing the load and becoming a Litter Warden. They will be provided with a hi-visibility jacket, litter pick and pair of gloves.

Two friends in Holbeach, Peter Ely (76) and Peter Stewart (77) have already started in Northons Lane, but hope the campaign will attract more volunteers to look after the A151 bypass.

Mr Ely said: “Doing it all would be too much for us, but we are happy to look after our patch.

“We were walking down Northons Lane a few months ago and were getting fed-up with seeing rubbish everywhere so started picking it up.

“Then we started on the A151 – it’s a constant job along the drains and roadside and too much for just us.”

Litter picks are being held as follows:

lOctober 13: Spalding, Fulney Road Skate Park, 1pm

lOctober 15: Sutton Bridge, Memorial Park, 10am

lOctober 21: Donington, Flinders Park, 1pm

lOctober 22: Long Sutton, Cinder Ash Park, 1pm

lOctober 23: Crowland, Thorney Road Park, 10am

lOctober 24: Spalding, Monks House Lane Park, 2pm

lOctober 26: Holbeach, Carters Park, 10am

(Under-16’s must be supervised.)