Flood-hit farmers will need help for up to two years

Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward.
Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward.
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The Lincolnshire grower behind last winter’s Forage Aid has said that efforts to support flood-hit colleagues may need to go on for up to two years.

Andrew Ward, who has once again been heavily involved in the relief effort, said this year’s deluge was a different situation to the frozen conditions that hit sheep farmers last winter, killing 100,000 animals in the UK.

He said: “In Wales, a lot of sheep died, whereas in Somerset there have been very few animal losses.”

Andrew said last winter, when spring arrived, the grass started to grow and farms got up to four cuts.

However, he said: “In Somerset, when the water goes, there’s no grass under it. And that means they are going to need help next winter, not just now.”

He called for government to help find a large-scale storage depot to hold feed, bedding and supplies and handle distribution. To offer fodder and bedding, call 01392 440700 or email south.west@nfu.org.uk