Excellent year for bees, says Holbeach beekeeper

Beekeeper Mike Titterton.
Beekeeper Mike Titterton.
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It’s been an excellent season for bees, according to beekeeper Mike Titterton.

Mike says he’s had his best season ever, based on the number of colonies produced, the number of queens reared and mated successfully and the amount of honey taken.

Mike, who keeps his bees in the Holbeach area, says about 90 per cent of his queen bees have been reared and mated successfully, and says: “You need a really good summer to do that.”

In terms of honey taken, Mike believes one of his colonies may have produced a record-breaking amount.

He said: “One produced 125kg, which is unheard of.”

Mike’s creamed honey is sold at the gate and given to friends.

However, Mike warns: “All bees are still at threat. If we have a really harsh winter we’ll be back where we started.

“The average loss year on year is 30 per cent of colonies over the winter, and in a bad year it is more than that. You just can’t replace 30 per cent of colonies quickly.”