Deeping St Nicholas farmer says never mind about the weather

Farmer Nicholas Watts.
Farmer Nicholas Watts.
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I suppose there was some farmer out there who was not getting on very well with his wheat drilling and because it was too dry asked for rain.

I hope he has been able to make good use of the rain and is now progressing well with his autumn work.

While I admit it was quite dry at the beginning of October, our autumn work was progressing far quicker than it has been these last three weeks. Hardly a day goes by without rain or heavy showers. I never ask for rain as it is far more pleasant to farm in a dry time and rain always comes in the end.

There is a saying that it never rains in a dry time. An obvious statement, but it means the weather forecast will often talk of rain in dry time but that rain never reaches us. In a wet time, the weather forecast has only to talk of a shower and it will rain for several hours.

Weather fronts keep coming across the Atlantic Ocean every day of the year but it all depends where the high pressure is situated as to whether they affect us. At the moment the high pressure is in its most common place, to the south-west of Spain, which allows all the depressions to sweep across the British Isles. One or two of them slip up the English channel and instead of going straight on turn left and sit over us here in Eastern England for two or three days. However, the weather at this time of year is irrelevant, all we want is a sunny June and July and we will have a good harvest.