Customers receive full history of Nene Potatoes’ crops

From field to quality assurance lab. Photo: SG241014-100TW
From field to quality assurance lab. Photo: SG241014-100TW

All the field records about Nene Potatoes’ crops become part of the marketing exercise at a ‘Wash Up’ day later this month.

By then, most growers have finished lifting potatoes and so a sample of each variety is taken out of storage.

That results in between 200 and 250 samples that are available.

They are washed and put into trays where invited customers are able to inspect them.

They can also see the field records with details of all the different sampling that has taken place through their growth and they know what chemicals have been applied.

Nene Potatoes chairman David Hoyles said: “It’s to help their purchasing decisions and means they have all the information they need to know about applications and all the records of sampling.”

Paul Shepherd says of the Long Sutton business’s unique approach to potato growing and harvesting: “It’s about being proactive and being as quick with the information as possible.”