Cowbit young farmer talks about the weather

Will Tyrrell.
Will Tyrrell.
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Weather – at the moment it seems to be the focus of many conversations, decisions and, at the moment while listening to the rain on the window, inspiration for me

When we were younger Sunday lunch was always planned around the Countryfile weather for the week, with teatime planned around the ITV version to check they both agreed. At the time as children we could never see the point in it, but with age it all now makes complete sense. Just a pity weather forecasts and the physical weather don’t always agree, but it all helps to make the job varied!

Currently things are a bit on the dry side, but generally crops look relatively well. I think they are secretly pleased to have dry roots for once.

The cereals are starting to run and look a healthy colour, and by the time you read this the sugar beet will be hopefully emerging.

Daffodils are about finished, a couple of weeks earlier than last year. What a difference a year makes.

The summer flowers though are much further ahead than usual for the time of year. Looking at the delphiniums you would think it’s May and not early April. Let’s hope this is the year when the ‘March fog, May frost’ saying doesn’t keep to its usual strict pattern.

It seems to be the British thing to complain about the weather, but when you look around the world we should probably just be grateful with what we get.