Bag up to £1,100 in recycling rewards

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Lucky residents of South Holland could bag up to £1,100 in a new recycling reward scheme.

Ten different households will be randomly selected every four weeks to take part in the Green Bag Lottery.

Run by the district council, the aim is to increase levels and awareness of recycling.

Households will not be told they have been chosen, but every one which presents recycling correctly for at least three of the four weeks will be awarded £100.

Then all the winners within a three-month period go into a prize draw for a further £1,000.

A council spokesman said: “The great thing about this scheme is that it gives every household in the district the chance to potentially win £1,100.

“For many people that will be without even changing their current recycling habits and the cash will be go back into the pocket of a South Holland resident as a deserved reward for their efforts.

“But we’re hoping others who have never previously considered recycling will be encouraged to start doing so and we see increased tonnages of recyclable materials collected.”

The council earns a cash credit for each tonne of recycled waste to offset the cost of collection, so it’s in every council Tax payer’s interest to put out as much as possible.

All households are automatically included in the Green Bag Lottery and there are easy opt-out options for anyone not wishing to take part.

Anyone using a communal collection point – such as people living in a flat or properties with a shared private drive – can join in with bag tags delivered to their home.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, district council portfolio holder for waste management, said: “We hope the lottery will introduce a bit of fun into the chore of filling the green bag, whilst at the same time helping to focus people’s minds on how important it is to reduce the amount of useable material we all throw away every day.”

The scheme, which is funded by a grant from the government’s Department of Communities and Local Government’s Weekly Collections Support Scheme, begins on Monday, February 10, and will last for at least a year.

For more information, a new website will launch with the scheme.