Advice for keeping on top of the farm paperwork from a Whaplode Drove grower

Ian Stancer.
Ian Stancer.
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With a bit of luck, by the time you read this our Single Payment Scheme claim will be safely filed online and if yours isn’t then you’d better hurry; if you are still persevering with a paper submission you’re already on borrowed time so stop reading the paper and get on with it, writes Ian Stancer, NFU Holland County chairman.

The SPS is now relatively straightforward and if the RPA website is cooperating most claims can be completed quickly and easily.

And now the bad news; once this year’s claim is tucked away it’s time to get our heads around a completely new set of rules and it’s best to start thinking now before harvest transports us rapidly into the autumn sowing period.

The NFU has been working hard to try and round the edges off some pretty ridiculous proposals coming out of Brussels with some considerable success, but sadly there are a few daft ideas that fought through. Now the negotiations are over and we wait to hear how our government will implement the new regime.

As ever, the NFU has unrivalled expertise and locally we’ll be kicking off with ‘roadshow’ meetings, so put 9am, June 4, at Springfields, on your calendar.

One thing bound to cause problems is the ‘online only’ submission process which won’t suit everybody. Combine that with new rules, new terminology, new maps and a new RPA computer system, and we could be heading for the perfect storm: best to buckle up now.