Enthralling magician’s warm-up act in town

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“MENTALIST” Nicholas Tweedy amazed staff at the Spalding Guardian when he dropped into the offices on Tuesday.

Appearing at Spalding’s Loaded nightclub on Saturday night, Nicholas has stunned audiences all over the world and was one of the opening acts with Shakira and Boy George in September 2011 at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Spalding Guardian staff members Teresa Berridge, Melanie Biggadike and Tina North with 'mentalist' Nicholas Tweedy.

Spalding Guardian staff members Teresa Berridge, Melanie Biggadike and Tina North with 'mentalist' Nicholas Tweedy.

Sales rep Melanie Biggadike said: “My definition of mentalist was somewhat different to the reality.

“A mentalist unlike a magician that tricks the eyes, directly challenges the mind through illusions, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

“As an avid fan of the talents of Derren Brown, I have seen his explanations of manipulation to encourage selections of names and numbers using props and visual effects, but what astounded me the most was Nicholas came in to our reception with no props except a pack of unopened cards and managed to make my business card fly through the air in a very curious fashion and even jump off the floor!

“My colleague was asked to think of a random man’s name and he guessed it - heaven only knows how! How can you read people’s thoughts and make impossible yet correct predictions?

“I took a fork from our office cutlery draw and with a feather touch I, yes I, was able to warp and twist it beyond recognition.

“Gasps of awe and cries of ‘how did he do that?’ and ‘how did he know that?’ ensued.”

Born outside Washington DC, Nicholas moved with his family to Japan when he was just five years old. It was there that he met Hiroshi Demura, who would become his mentor for a 12-year apprenticeship in the performing art of mentalism.

Since completing his studies Nicholas has gone on to create his own unique style of performing combining traditional magic with cutting edge mentalism.

Mel added: “Nicholas explained to me that his wife works as for the Food Standards Agency locally, which means he hopes to move to Spalding within the year, so hopefully we could be seeing a whole lot more of his astounding talents.”