End of line for Moonrakers

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The Moonrakers did cut a disc in a small studio in Boston – It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.

However, Reg says: “None of the lads know where it went to – I think it is in the British Museum!”

Reg says, if his memories are correct, they were mainly a three-chord group.

They perservered with local gigs, travelling around in the only form of transport available to them at the time – an Austin 10 1939 saloon that Reg’s boss allowed him the use of.

Reg recalls it broke down a few times, on one occasion on the journey back from Hunstanton, near Beggars Bush at Weston, in the early hours of the morning. The boys simply pushed the vehicle off the road and walked the last couple of miles, singing as they went.

Reg says: “We had a lot of fun but unfortunately, with work and family commitments, we couldn’t go a lot further.

“The only person to carry on was Pete Johnson, but we lost touch after a while.

“Obviously there are lots of incidents that have been forgotten with time but nobody can take away our fun and our contribution to the local music scene in the 1950s.”