Places are still up for grabs at new primary academy

An artist's impression of the new Wygate Park Academy, Spalding.

An artist's impression of the new Wygate Park Academy, Spalding.

Just under a third of places at a new primary academy in Spalding are still available for children of reception year age, the Guardian can reveal.

About 50 families have applied for places at Wygate Park Academy, with 22 out of the 30 available having been offered to children.

Figures from Lincolnshire County Council also showed that of those applying, eight parents chose the academy as their first preference.

Parents started receiving offers for places yesterday and they have until May 20 to appeal if they are unhappy with the school offered.

Readers posted their views on the Guardian’s Facebook page and one from Hannah Jo said: “I’m so pleased my son got into the school we wanted so he can go with his brother.

“We chose Spalding Primary School but because we are right near St John’s and Monkshouse Primary Schools, I was worried my son would be offered a place at one of those schools instead.”

But Tara Brandom said: “It doesn’t matter where you live, if the child has a sibling already at that school, they get priority.

“I found this out when asking about the offers process as I live on St John’s Road, Spalding, and I wanted my daughter to go to St John’s Primary School.

“It went in order of priority, firstly siblings, then if you attend the church and distance last.

“So I was worried that my daughter wasn’t going to get in as she has no siblings at St John’s and she doesn’t go to the church, but we do live about ten doors away.

“I’m very happy she’s been accepted.”

Across Lincolnshire, almost 94 per cent of children have received a place at their parents’ school of choice, despite a rise in the number applying for the most popular schools.”




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