Parents plead ‘please put the brakes on speeding drivers on our route to school’

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Parents are pleading with road safety chiefs not to wait until a child dies before they put the brakes on traffic speeding along a route to school.

Official figures show drivers are exceeding the 40mph limit on Six House Bank at West Pinchbeck, which leads to St Bartholomew’s Primary School on Leaves Lake Drove.

A banner outside St Bartholomews carries a stern message about parking too close  but now its speeding on Six House Bank thats causing concern.

A banner outside St Bartholomews carries a stern message about parking too close  but now its speeding on Six House Bank thats causing concern.

A petition to Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership is winning the backing of more and more parents – and is supported by the school.

It asks the authorities to reduce and enforce the speed limit because “we have near misses every week”.

The school already takes a tough stance on parking near its gates – asking drivers if it will take “the death of a child” – to get them to park sensibly.

Headteacher Michelle Parker said: “The school fully supports the current campaign for the reduction of the 40mph speed limit on Six House Bank, as we believe that a reduction in the speed limit would increase the safety of pupils travelling to and from the school.”

Speaking outside the school gates on Thursday, parent Samantha Dossett said 40mph is too fast – and many drivers don’t comply with the limit.

She said: “It will probably take someone to be injured before anybody does anything about it.”

A couple collecting their children, who asked not to be named, said they feel unsafe on the narrow pavement even when cars are sticking to the 40mph limit.

One said: “The road is far more built up than it used to be and the speed limit should go down to 30mph.”

Grandad Donald Wright, from Spalding, was on the school-run for a day, but says he will support the petition because it’s about child safety.

Mum Vikki Marston said: “The path is very narrow – sometimes we walk from the village hall. I think if the path was wider it wouldn’t be so bad.”

Lincolnshire County Council failed to comment before we went to press while Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership admitted drivers are exceeding the 40mph limit.

Partnership spokesman John Siddle said speed cameras are the only “form of speed enforcement” that it can carry out, but the site does not meet the site selection criteria set out by the Department of Transport.

Its surveys showed 28.6 per cent of 3,885 vehicles in one direction were over the 40mph limit – and 31 of those vehicles were 15mph over that limit.

Some 48.2 per cent of the 3,923 vehicles in the opposite direction were over the limit and 2.8 per cent were driven at 15mph above the limit.

Mr Siddle said only one personal injury collision is recorded, but that was not speed related.

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