Cambridge dreams come true for trio

Hollie Cummings, Chanelle Leonard, Mellody Leighton and Poppy Riley with their A-level results at Bourne Grammar School.

Hollie Cummings, Chanelle Leonard, Mellody Leighton and Poppy Riley with their A-level results at Bourne Grammar School.

Bourne Grammar School’s place among the top 20 state schools in Britain is safe after a 99.5 per cent A-level pass rate this year.

Ever since being named in an elite list of non-public schools by The Tatler magazine in January, students and staff at the school in South Road have been under pressure to live up to its enviable reputation.

But students at Bourne Grammar School kept its standards high, with three high-flyers achieving grades good enough to secure a place at Cambridge University in September.

Liam Jones (18) of Stamford collected three A*s in biology, chemistry and maths, ensuring he will be able to study natural sciences at Cambridge with the hope of becoming a medical researcher.

“I’m amazed and completely surprised because it’s been a big turnaround from my mock exam results to these results,” Liam said.

“A lot of work went into it from the mocks to the real exams, although I was thinking my results would be worse than they were.”

Overall, 81 per cent of the 128 students who sat A-levels this year walked away with grades of C or better, with 53 per cent achieving grade B or above.

Sophie Stafford (18) of Stamford achieved three A*s in business studies, maths and geography meaning that she can study for a geography degree at Durham University.

“I just worked all the hours I could and a lot of time has been put into into it,” Sophie said.

“I’m still in shock at the moment and I don’t know how I’ll celebrate, but my parents are so happy for me and my mum started to cry when I told her my grades.”

Georgia Galloway (18) of Bourne, who collected one A* and two As in biology, chemistry and maths respectively, is all set to study medicine at York University.

“It was absolutely terrifying waiting for my results and I was going through all the scenarios in my head, thinking ‘what if?’

“I’m just absolutely delighted because I spent a long time revising and a lot of work has gone into this day.”

Headteacher Jonathan Maddox said: “We’re very pleased to have got some great results, with practically a 100 per cent pass rate and most students going on to their first choice of university.

“The results are about the same as last year despite students not being able to re-sit their exams in January.

“It was great to be here to celebrate with the students, not just the high-flyers but also those who had to struggle on courses they found to be a real challenge and were determined to be successful.”




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