EDITOR’S COMMENT: New parade could be a sizzling attraction!

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ONE of my enduring memories of 2012 will almolst certainly be my participation in the judging of the Lincolnshire Sausage competition earlier in the year.

Like most of us I love our local recipe, although I must admit the thought of eating another banger turned my stomach for a while after sampling 19 of them in just a couple of hours.

However, the good old sausage is something that is associated with this area and I firmly believe famous Spalding butcher Adams and Son (winners of the tastiest sausage by the way!) and the Lincolnshire Sausage Association is right to fight the Government decision not to give us Protected Geographical Indication.

Just as the Cornish Pasty can only be created in that neck of the woods, so should the Lincolnshire Sausage only be made here.

How can pre-packed food made hundreds of miles outside the county boundary be called a Lincolnshire sausage?

The link-up to commercial opportunities for the area could be huge and, in a time when we are all struggling to make a quid or two, it makes no sense for the Department for Food not to give us this status.

Who knows? In a few years’ time the Banger Queen could be riding on a float of mash at the Spalding Sausage Parade!

IT’S good to see that a new primary school for Spalding is now on the agenda.

When a child myself, growing up in a busy town, I experienced first-hand over-crowded classrooms and teaching in mobile buildings.

The former means that quieter pupils (bright or not quite so) can be overlooked, and the latter can mean a stifling or freezing experience.

I would say a new school with its own identity is definitely the answer.