Ducks guarding the car!

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Angel’s boss has taken a bit longer than usual leaving the car park behind the HSBC bank every evening this week.

The reason? Two males and one female duck have taken to snoozing behind his car every day!

Runaway ducklings are causing quite a splash along the riverbank. A couple of nights ago Angel spotted one being headed off by two kind ladies stood on a footbridge. Eventually, with a little nudging, it found its way back into the river.

But yesterday a reader reported two that were following everyone they could find along the path. He told Angel he called the RSPCA, who advised putting them in a box in the hope mum would find them.

So if you spot any runaway ducklings, now you know what to do.

While walking with a friend in Long Sutton on Tuesday evening, Angel came across a quite large group of youngsters playing cricket at the Paradise Field.

Not only was she delighted to see so many pre-teen children exercising in the fresh air, she was very pleased to see that about half of them were girls. How times have changed for the better.

Angel’s friend has recently returned from a holiday in Florence with a warning for other people about to head off to the sun. Apparently another couple in their group, who live up the road in Boston, had their passports and the woman’s purse stolen from inside a zipped bag. The woman didn’t feel a thing, but remembers it was crowded and that a man nearby created a distraction by shouting. The safe may be the safest place for passports.