‘Double standards’ cry as traffic warden outstays his welcome

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A garage owner who clocked a traffic enforcement officer parked for four hours in a one-hour waiting zone says he is shocked at the “double standards”.

Paul Beeken, of Westend Garage in Holbeach, said the enforcement officer in his distinctive green and blue uniform was spotted parking his car in the limited waiting zone just after 8am on Thursday morning.

He then issued parking tickets to other drivers parked illegally around the town, including a couple further along the same zone in West End, before finally driving off just after noon.

Paul said: “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It just seems like a case of double standards, one rule for him and one for everyone else.”

And it seems that is the case . . . with Lincolnshire County Council confirming that parking enforcement officers are legally permitted to park in a restricted area if they are carrying out their duties.

Parking services officer Matt Jones said: “The vast majority of the time our officers will not park in a place like this, but they sometimes need to if they have to visit several towns and villages in one day.”

Paul added: “If it’s the case they are legally exempt, then they should have to display a certificate like disabled drivers do.

“He could have reversed just a few yards and there are no parking restrictions outside the Red Lion, or there are plenty of other parking places close by without restrictions.”