Defendant gave up drugs but became addicted to alcohol

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A man battling to come off heroin has become addicted to alcohol and stole from a store to buy booze.

Carl Shand went to Spalding’s B&Q store on Winfrey Avenue on September 24 and picked up three padlocks worth £56.94.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said Shand put the locks down the front of his trousers and left without paying, but was stopped by police later that day.

Solicitor Mike Alexander, mitigating, said Shand has stopped using heroin “almost completely” and had become more honest with the drug help agency, Addaction, admitting use of other illegal drugs, Mcat in particular.

Mr Alexander told the court: “Drugs are no longer the main issue – alcohol is the main issue and I can certainly smell alcohol this morning.”

Shand’s sister and her partner are now helping him – and his sister is regulating the amount of alcohol he has.

Mr Alexander said: “She says ‘he is getting his drink through me and he’s not getting any more’.

“His sister is absolutely adamant and fierce – fiercely protective of him and wanting him to get over this problem.

“The theft you have heard about was an attempt by this man to raise some money to buy alcohol.”

He said Shand voluntarily sought help from Addaction in March this year, but was then placed on a court order with a drug treatment requirement.

His sister and partner had provided him with a caravan to stay in and his sister was actively involved in his rehabilitation, taking him to appointments.

Magistrates sentenced Shand to six months supervision with a three-month drug treatment order.

He must pay £40 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Shand (31), of Belchmire Lane, Gosberton, pleaded guilty to theft.

Presiding magistrate Sally Ruttley told Shand there was a lot he could do to help himself and he was letting people down: “You are especially letting down your sister and her partner who are trying to do an awful lot to help you.”