Dad’s fear over death of hit-and-run victim Tim

Tim Osborn's grieving family at the crash scene.
Tim Osborn's grieving family at the crash scene.
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A father whose son died in a hit-and-run accident says his worst fear is that no one will be brought to justice for the tragedy.

Stephen Osborn says he had hoped a moving funeral service for 27-year-old Tim last month would help him and his family find closure, but said he is still struggling as he waits to find out whether a man arrested and bailed will face charges over the accident.

He said he is now hoping a partial police reconstruction of Tim’s accident, which happened just yards from the family’s home in Bourne Road, Pode Hole, just after 9pm on September 14, will ensure they can “dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s’ so a successful case can be built.

He said: “I hope they have the right person because if not there is very little chance they will ever find who did this. I also hope they have all the evidence they need to get a conviction.

“A vehicle in the wrong hands is a lethal weapon and if you kill someone you should be facing a murder charge.”

Stephen said although wife Lynne and daughters Emma and Zoe had returned to work and son Michael has returned to university, he is still struggling to return to his work as a DJ.

He said: “The day Tim was killed was the day the music died. I have got a DJ gig booked and although I really don’t want to do it, I’ve got to, but it’s going to be hard. Tim always helped me load the van, but now I have got to get used to doing it on my own.

“I still don’t feel as though we have said goodbye properly, I am still expecting him to come in the door.”

The family are hoping to use money raised by shoppers who donated at Morrison’s supermarket, where Tim worked, to provide a lasting memorial.

A bench and tree will be located at the supermarket and Stephen is planning a book of Tim’s short stories.

He is also hoping some money can be used for a trip to Scotland so Tim’s ashes can be scattered in one of his favourite places.