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Spalding Police Station Pic of Inspector Jim Tyner
Spalding Police Station Pic of Inspector Jim Tyner
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Police in South Holland have received a morale boost in their efforts to make the area a safer place.

Insp Jim Tyner, community policing inspector for Spalding, welcomed comments from people interviewed by the Spalding Guardian and Lincolnshire Free Press about crime figures showing it had fallen by 20 per cent over the last year.

All those interviewed thought the area was generally safe to live in, although there was concern about the threat of crime at night.

Responding to our story in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press, Insp Tyner said: “These comments from members of the public are reassuring and show that people feel safer in Spalding which has to be a good thing.

“It’s very pleasing that the report showed that not a single person spoken to expressed any concern about anti-social street drinking during the day this which may not have been the case a year ago.

“This is testament to the hard work of my Community Policing Team taking part in Operation Truck (targeting on-street drinking).”

Insp Tyner claimed the hoped-for introduction of Street Pastors to Spalding would “add to the sense of well-being in the town centre after dark and increase people’s confidence to use the town centre at night.”

He added: “I want people to have confidence that when they report something to us, we will investigate it thoroughly and deal with it appropriately.”