COUNCILLORS: Should we bring back Robin Hood?

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I’m writing to say thanks for giving front page coverage to the way in which South Holland’s councillors are spending our money.

When I read my copy of South Holland Now, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. A publication produced to provide us the electorate with important information, but carrying no more than blatant self appraisal by its councillors, who have used our money to produce it.

I raised the matter on our local Facebook chatter page – disgust was also felt by other members of the electorate. But only coverage in the Guardian can bring this injustice to the notice of the electorate.

In a separate Crowland leaflet, they once again boast about how much of our money that they have given away – in one instance money was given to one of the wealthiest land-owning companies in the country.

Could I remind your readers, robbery is theft using threatening behaviour. In this case these councillors have threatened us with prison or a fine if we don’t hand over our cash to them, in the form of taxes, and having acquired it, they arrogantly spend it on what they want to.

Was Dick Turpin a gentleman by comparison? And should we bring back Robin Hood, to help us get our money back?

Peter Bird

UKIP South Holland and the Deepings chairman